Styles & Prices //

DarKC Knight -$160-$215 (price variance depends on the complexity of design)




Kansas City Traditional- $175-$250 (price variance depends on the complexity of design)


Custom Hand-Tooled Shield- $195-$400 (price variance depends on the complexity of design)

We charge an additional $10 for white shields and every cut out number after two.

22 thoughts on “Styles & Prices //

  1. Beautiful work Brother. I see were you served with Pumper 6. I volunteer with the Avondale FD. Its right there by station 6. Look toward to having you do a shield for me in the future

  2. I am working on a traditional leather fire helmet poured I will pour into a bronze from my casting. I have re-carved the front eagle and would like to see about ordering a leather helmet shield that I will cast and pour in bronze. The helmet, eagle, shield will be one unit when I am done. I want to get a time line and cost on ordering a shield, in addition, if I make additional helmets, what would the time line be to get future shields. Thanks, Terry

  3. Hey Bryan, I noticed in most of the pics of your shields the bolts that mount the shield are way up high even on some of the pictures of the shields that seem to be on a Cairns New Yorker, I will be ordering my shield to go on to a Cairns New Yorker N5A and i just have the 2 bolts down low, is there some thing additional I need to get to mount a shield on my helmet? thanks

    • those are bolts for a metal shape retainer to keep the contour. Another set of bolts holds the shield on the helmet down lower

  4. I’ve emailed you a couple of times about getting a shield but haven’t heard anything back. Just wanted to make sure you recieved it?

    • Hello Bill,

      Sorry for the delayed reply. I’ll be opening for orders on June 2nd. Please see the “How to Order” page for details. Thanks for considering Red House!

    • William, we are currently backed up on orders until May. But we could probably get two KCTs on the list for late May or early June.

      Thanks so much!

      Moyenna Purtle
      Administrative Assistant for RHS

  5. OK,
    I know you folks are busy. I would like to have a black shield made for a Sam Houston. What is the process? Do I send you a design and a deposit? Or?

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