Red House Paypal //

Above is the link to the RED HOUSE SHIELDS Paypal page. Once you’ve received the cost of your shield(s) via email, you can use this PAYPAL Donate link to pay by Credit or Debit. We will have record of your payment, and will confirm that payment through email.

If you are using a card with a name other than your own on it, please specify via email so that we can put you down as having paid.

Thanks for ordering a Red House Shield!

3 thoughts on “Red House Paypal //

  1. Bryan, My name is Ron Johnson and just ordered a shield from you and screwed up on the check name. I resent it on 11-25-2014 check # 6144. It was cashed by your company on 12/3/2014. I just got note from M. Purtle on 12/24/14 that I need to send another check. What is up? I would have handled this differently but couldn’t find phone # or private email. Let me know what you need or if all is ok.
    Ron Johnson

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