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***I am currently filled to capacity on orders. I’ll be opening again for orders on November 1st, 2018, at which point I’ll only be taking 4-5 orders a month. Thanks for your patience. I look forward to building your shield as soon as possible. Take care and be safe, brothers and sisters. —- BP

1. Start the order process by contacting Bryan Purtle at Your order will not be put on the LIST until you send it in writing, via EMAIL. This ensures that everything on your shield is spelled and designed correctly.

2. Here is the info you will need to give:

A. Your NAME and CONTACT INFO (email address, phone, address, etc.)

B. The design and colors of the shield you desire (company number, department name, your name, images, etc. See the galleries for examples if necessary)

C. The type of helmet the shield will go on (All shields will be 6.25″ tall unless specified otherwise.) *See our styles and prices.

3. Once you have placed an order, I will get back to you to confirm your order ASAP. Once the details are worked out, you can pay for the order (instructions below). Once I receive that payment you’ll be secured on the list.

To pay via PAYPAL, click on the Red House PAYPAL page at the top of the home page. You should receive a confirmation email from Paypal.

You can also pay by check or cash. Please make all checks out to “BRYAN PURTLE” and write “RHS” in the memo line. Checks can be mailed to:

Red House Shields
3800 Virginia Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64109

I look forward to building you a hand-crafted front that you’ll be able to wear with pride for years to come.

Best Regards,


102 thoughts on “How to Order //

  1. How tall is the shield (4th from the top) on the hand-tooled gallery? It’s under the “diddy” labelled one. Your are an artist, very good work.

    • Hi Derek,

      Thanks for writing.

      The Diddy shield is 6 inches from the bottom to where it sits in the front holder/eagle. I make all shields 6 inches unless otherwise requested.


  2. Dear Bryan,
    The KSFD E-29 CO.Dark Knight shield is the style that i want to get,and is there any way possile to get black reflective material only under the numbers,and can i mail you my
    shield design.Thank you

    • Chris,

      You can email me your shield design, for sure. Did you mean the KCFD 29 Pumper shield?

      Also, I don’t have reflective material. I could make the numbers glossier through leather sheen or black paint, but I don’t have reflective material.



  3. Per are phone conversation the Dark Knight Truck 7 shield is the style I would like.The top banner “Toledo”. Bottom Banner “McBride”. Company #7. The size of shield needs to be 6 1/2 inches from the brim to the bottom of the holder.

  4. Bryan,
    Make the shield the same as KCFD pumper-29 dark knight, the top of the shield were you have KCFD put SCFR,top banner put firefighter,center 29 and on the bottom banner put LaGrassa,and make the paint on the numbers glossier,the shield has to be 7inches from the brim to the holder.

    thanks, Chris(Puffin)LaGrassa

    • Chris,

      I’m getting set up for your shield. I was curious to know what kind of helmet you have. It’s not too often that I do a 7-inch shield.



  5. Hey Bryan,

    I’am looking for a shield that correlates to my company Bands for Brothers. We sell products for the Thin Red Line for fallen firefighters. I want to incorporate the logo a little from the site but at the same time let you work you magic. Let me know if you have any idea’s


    Dave Bova

  6. Hi Bryan,
    Mike McBride From Toledo Just wondering how the shield is coming along and if you
    have a time when it will be finished.

    Thank you,

  7. i was wondering if there is a way you could make a shield like the dark night ones, but with a shamrock background… i like the way the style of everything is on the black night, just wanted to add the shamrock. would that be possible?

  8. Hi Bryan. I have a change on the shield. Top banner to read “SQUAD, STATION #8. The bottom banner to read “McBride”. Would like to have the #8 to look like your shield with pumper 8 on it.

    If you have any questions, please get back with me as soon as possible.

    Thank You.

    Mike McBride

    • Mike,

      Did you want the top banner to read exactly like that (SQUAD STATION #8)? I won’t be able to fit that many letters. Let me know any other ideas you have.



  9. Hey Brian I can tell just by looking at your wall that your super busy, but whenever you get a minute just wanted to check on the status of my shield, this is matt cavaco from snug harbor fire station 5. No rush just checking in, let me know if u need anything!

    • Matt,

      I’m about 30 away from it. The leathershop’s closed for a few weeks, so I guesstimate that it’ll be done in late March. I’ll get to it asap.

      Thanks for your patience,


    • Mike,

      Your shield is done. You can send the check for $50 plus $5 for regular shipping or $15 for express when you’re ready. Please make it out to BRYAN PURTLE and send it to:

      Bryan Purtle
      3800 Virginia Ave.
      Kansas City, MO 64109

      As soon as I get it I’ll ship it out to you.



  10. I have a co worker who ordered a shield from you. Mike McBride is his name with Toledo Fire. I want the exact same shield he has, with Lee in the name area instead of McBride. Is that possible?

  11. What’s up Purtle?? Just wanted to check with you , but did I tell you I wanted the bat symbol carved out and not stamped. I think I did , but I have been known to forget things.

    Thanks again and can’t wait to see my shield.

    p.s. – no paint or color on my top and bottom banners. thanks

    • Jami,

      Hey buddy. Just a quick q:

      What do you mean by carved? Did you mean cut out similar to the numbers most commonly seen on my shields, or hand-tooled, like the ones in the hand-tooled gallery?



      • Yeah , i meant carved out like the numbers. wasn’t sure if you were going that way with it or not.

  12. Hey Brian, I would like a dark knight deluxe shield with the letters N B in the center in place of a number, I would like the letters in the style of the boston red sox print. Gata would be on the top banner and Fire on the bottom. It’s going to be mounted on cairns n5a newyorker. I’m looking for something similar to the one on your gallery that has the KC in the middle, thanks Jeremy

  13. What is the turn around time on the shields? I really like the look of the shields and would love to order one if the turn around time is reasonable please let me know.
    Thanks Shawn Alwran

    • Shawn,

      The turn around time I can’t say for sure. I have a good number of orders right now, close to 150. I would guesstimate around 5 to 7 months.



    • No it wouldn’t. I’m sorry Brittany. I’m backed up to spring 2012. If you’d like to get on the LIST you can, but it’ll be several months.



  14. Hey, is it possible to get a dark knight deluxe with the numbers 31 in red with Beltsville above it and Shattuc below in black?

  15. Hello BP. I was wondering if you have ever made one of your shields for a Phenix California style helmet with the 4 screw holes? If not is this a possibility to get made?

  16. Good evening, I was wondering if you will be taking orders again at some point or if you where colsin up shop? I love your work and would be happy to wait I just wanted to know if I should.

    Thank you,
    Lt. Kemp

  17. Let me tell you, your shields have in fact ruined me. I have been looking, and looking, and looking for a new custom shield to place on order for my new N5A, and I simply cannot find anything that compares to the look of your shields. They look absolutely amazing, and look to be of great quality as well. I will be VERY impatiently awaiting “THE LIST” to open to place my order!!! Again, awesome looking work, cannot wait to get my hands on one!!!

  18. Hey brian,
    When is “THE LIST” going to be open again.. Cause NO other guy can make a shield like you..
    I know stitch for stitch what I want..

    Thanks and be safe

  19. really cant find any other shield that looks like the ones you make i also believe i will be waiting for the list to open up so i can finally finish off my leather helmet for the medic unit. I was wondering if you are able to make the darcknight with paramedic on the top, a star of life in the center, and Lizewski on the bottom.

  20. I was searching for a high quality leather shield and found your website. Can you please let me know when or if you begin the order process again. Or if uou recommend someone please let me know. The shields you make are the best i have found. Thank you for your time.

  21. I have been mainly a squad member for about 18 years. I love our brotherhood for all aspects of the career. I now am off the floor wearing the dreaded “White Shirt/Helmet”, and started looking around for memorable pieces for my office. I started with the shield. I will tell you why, I am from the South. Not THE SOUTH, but south Florida, and I love the F.D., tradition and everything we stand for. The majority I work with pull these pieces from up north stating they are superior and what not. . . Ahh. I do not like what I have seen, and you make a SUPERIOR shield. Without a doubt. Please let me know when you can make me one or two. I love two designs, this to me is one a promotional piece I will hold on to forever. I have shown many members of the deparment and the IAFF Union to see the beauty in the work. Thank you, and the work you do/did is INCREDIBLE.

  22. I just started making some leather stuff for guys in my Dept. and I couldnt help notice the paint job on your shields looks really good. What brand paint are you using if you don’t mind me asking. I currently use the cova-color.. but your final paint results look much better than mine.. Local 2446

  23. I just wanted to clarify the order process. It is like ordering concert tickets. I get my design thought out and email all ready to go and push send at 9:01 on 6/2 and hope I am one of the first 100? Or is there a way to reserve a spot now? Thanks for the info. I am excited to order. You shields are fantastic.

    • Thanks for writing, Ben. Yes, that’s how you do it. If you get the email to me that morning you should certainly make my next list.

      Best Regards,


  24. I love the work u do !!! I am looking to get a 8″ front made For my Cairns New Yorker N5A but I would like to have the Masonic Square and compasses put on the shield …. Is that possible ?

  25. Hey was wondering how much for a shield with Morris FD numbers 1366 and Daniels/ Black and red with American flag back ground an

    • Sounds like a $195 shield, Patrick. If you could email me we could work through details to find out for sure. Thanks!

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