Gallery of Kansas City Traditional Fronts //





23 thoughts on “Gallery of Kansas City Traditional Fronts //

  1. Brian, I received my shield as a gift. If your business goes any direction,I would certainly suggest that option on your site.I don’t believe I’ve seen a sharper shield in 33yrs. I’ll not put it in service and that includes the bar-b-q grill.I’ve thought about retiring,this cinches it.This will be my F.D. souvenir.Beautiful work Brian.Hope you sell a thousand just like mine. P.S. Tell that guy with the big 6 on his white shield ” his hat is done”.

  2. I just found this site and I will say these are some of the most outstanding shields that are in production today. I’m at the firehouse now and will be for another 24hrs tom.I will be showing this site to the fellas . You’ve made the process of making up my mind on what to order a haed one .

  3. BP, Ive got a sam houston and I like the shape of the “6 white shield.” Was just wondering if the top could be made where the 2 tips arnt higher than the eagle, without making a standard point top? Ive got some designs for a front, in mind and have drawn some ideas out. What is your time line as of now for production time? Thanks for all your help.


    • Jordan,

      Thanks for writing. I could shorten the tips on that particular cut.

      I’m about 80 shields backed up right now, so we’re looking at approximately 4 months if you order very soon.



  4. I am looking for a projected time line for making 9 standard Co. shields with the only difference being the name on them. My whole crew wants to have matching shields. Let me know, thanks.

    • Ben,

      I’m over 80 shields backed up currently. I don’t like to give exact timelines, but I would estimate about 4 1/2 months. It’s still all done by hand and it’s a one man job. Let me know if you like to get on the list.



    • The Standard Co. Shields and Dark Knights are the same size. They are about 6 1/8 inch in height, but they fit every commonly used helmet from Cairns, Ben Franklin, etc.

      If you have any special measurement requests we can fill those. Each shield is custom cut anyhow. Just specify with the order and we’ll take care of it. Thanks!

  5. Hey Brian, just sent you the final specs for my shield. I swear im done this time. you just added some shields to the gallery and i loved the way they look. let me know if you get the email as ive had some trouble with it before as always, keep up the good work and be safe.

  6. Outstanding work on my shields. One turned out to be an unexpected retirement gift. Keep up the good work.

  7. These are the BEST Shields I have ever seen !!! I wish you luck in your future endevors and Hope someone will buy this buisness from you just to keep it going.

  8. I’m really bummed that I just found out about you. Your work is awesome and I would love to have a shield like this. Do you have any recommendation on someone who does similar work?

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