38 thoughts on “Gallery of DarKC Knights //

  1. Bryan got mine in the mail the other day. Put it on my helmet and it looks great. Thanks for doing such good work. I will be ordering another one for my leather helmet soon.

  2. I love the shields, very traditional, old school look. I will order one next month when I know what company I’m working at. Im at an engine right now but Im signing for a ladder company position, hopefully I have enough senority to get it, LOL!

    Have you considered doing radio straps? They are very popular up here in the northeast.
    If so, I definately want one of those as well.

    • Look forward to hearing from you, Michael. Let me know!

      I may do radio straps in the future. Working on leather suspenders and truck belts first….


      • Are you able to do Keychain ones? If so I am very interested in purchasing a few for my crew at my department in florida! Thanks, Tyler Whitfield

  3. I’m sure they vary, but can you give me an idea on what one of your shields measures? They lookg GREAT, and I am interested in ordering one soon!

    • Brad,

      Most of the shields I make are 6 inches tall (not including the extended points on some), but I can make a shield to any measurement at request. Each one is cut out by hand from the start, so I can do the whole thing custom if need be.



  4. Bryan, Just received my shield in the mail today. Wanted to say it looks amazing great job I’m very pleased.

  5. What is the difference between the deluxe and the basic? These are amazing looking shields. I will definatly consider buying one.

    • Tyler,

      The deluxe has hand-tooled borders around the edges, rockers, and numbers. The basic has no hand-tooling on it.



  6. I’m very interested in ordering a deluxe black knight. i was just curious what the approximate lead time for one is if i ordered in the next few days?

    • Larry,

      I have well over 100 orders in front of me, so we’re looking at some time in July, approximately.



  7. Bryan,
    I need to change the number on my shield. I need to go from 8 to 15. They changed the station number.


  8. Bryan,
    Ray Lee here from Toledo Fire. I hate to do this to you again, but I need to change the number on the shield…again…this time to 17. Thanks buddy and this will be the last change!


  9. Bryan,
    I just stumbled across your site today. Very interested along with most of my crew. We were curious to know what are some of your prices. Also how do we go about working out a design for our company with you ? If you don’t mind emailing me back. Thanks

    • Hi Justin,

      You can find all the info you need on the pages found at the top of the main page. Check out “How to Order” and look at the different Galleries for some ideas. Any other custom ideas or further questions you can send to me at redhouseshields@hotmail.com.



  10. Wanted to see if you do shields for the Phenix TL2’s… Basically considering dark knight deluxe with all black then red company number in middle and maybe a 4 leaf clover at the top… Lemme know if that’s possible and I would love to place an order today… Also wanted to see what the approximate turn out time is? Thank you so much for your time.

    • Bob,

      Thanks for writing. I have done shields for Phenix TL2’s. Our turn out time is several months, maybe as many as 8. Sorry for that, but it’s mostly a one-man operation at this point.



  11. Brian
    Ray Lee here. I just checked the list and don’t see my name on there anymore? Just checking in to see if there was a problem.


  12. Hey Brian,

    The shields are awesome and I would like to get one. Just wondering if you make them for a carins 1044 or just leather helmets? I like the style of the darkC knights deluxe but if I wanted to add color which style would I go to.

    Thanks Tyson

  13. Hey Brian, Would like two order 2 shields. There is no rush and I know you have alot to do but I would love to get them at some point. The shield are for presintation helmets and only your shields are worthy to be on them, hands down.

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