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                                                                            Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Red House Shields cost? 

Red House Shields range from $160 to $400 depending on the complexity design. You can find the different designs and prices on our “Styles & Prices” page, and more pictures on our FaceBook page.

 Why are mounting holes so high in the pictures? 

         The acorn caps that you see in the pictures are not mounting caps. They are in place to secure the brass strip on the back side of the shield. We do not punch the mounting holes. We leave that for each customer to do when they receive their shield. This is so that you can line up your helmet directly with the shield before you pop the holes. If you need any pointers on mounting your shield feel free to email us anytime. redhouseshields@gmail.com.

 Does Red House make shields with red, blue, or yellow stitching?

Red House does not use any other stitch than black and white.

 Does Red House make passport shields?

We do not make passport shields at this point. 

Do you make helmet shield keychains, truck belts, or radio straps?

Not at this point. We are focused on providing quality helmet shields for the fire service, and for now we’re sticking to what we do best.

How long will the wait be for my Red House Shield?

In the past, we took bulk orders which was not the best choice for a one man operation. This required a long wait for customers and many other complications. Now we take only 25 orders a month at the beginning of each month. As of December 1st, 2015, all shields have a guaranteed finish and delivery within the month of the order.

I’ve seen quite a few shields online that look similar to Red House Shields. Is your design original?

The templates that Red House uses are all original, created by our founder in 2010. You won’t see the unique Red House style before that year. Many have taken the design from online pictures and sought to replicate it. But what you get from RHS will always be original to us. The tradition of leather fronts in the fire service is almost two centuries old, and artistry has always been central to it. We want to maintain that tradition through creativity, and we hope other shield builders will do the same.

Why are the prices of your shields so high in comparison with other shields?

We believe that as in all fields, you get what you pay for. Red House Shields are not produced on an assembly line, and they take time and creativity to build. We’re confident that you’ll be happy with our shields once you receive them, and that it will be worth every penny. We put a lot of heart into building them, and our customers have always testified to that. The fire service is one of society’s most important services, and we believe it deserves the best. For that reason, we’re happy to give it the best, and the prices reflect the quality and amount of time it takes to do that.

6 thoughts on “FAQ //

  1. Bryan, Can we just order one now. Do you still have order time. I don’t care when I get it. I just want one of you beautiful shields. Let me know

    Ron Johnson
    Omaha Fire

    • We can make changes to an order as long as we’re notified before we work the shield.

      Moyenna Purtle
      Administrative Assistant for RHS

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