Gallery of Custom Hand-Tooled Shields //

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11 thoughts on “Gallery of Custom Hand-Tooled Shields //

  1. Really like the pictures of the hand tooled shields. My question is what color choices do you have as far as the natural leather colors. I cant tell if they are shaded or actually different colors

    • I don’t know if I replied to you yet Jeff, but I’ve got several different brown dies, some lighter, some darker. You can request specific tones and I’ll get as close to what you’re looking for as I can.


  2. Awesome shields. I have just started hand tooling shields for guys in my department, but it is all self taught. I have not leatherwork skills, however I was wondering what kind of paint do you use and how can you get such detailed painting with paint brushed? Thanks for any info

  3. Nice work. Amatuer here also, I design and silkscreen station shirts for local depts and stations, the custom fronts idea just came to mind after we were issued new lids (Ben2’s) and my old front doesn’t fit it. Stumbled upon your site and felt the urge to reply to your craftsmanship. & I agree with your mom, this is a nice site. Good work y’all.

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