Red House Helmet Shields is the home of the “DarKC Knight,” along with other traditional hand-crafted leather shields.

It was founded by firefighter Bryan Purtle in the spring of 2010. Red House Shields is committed to producing quality traditional-style leather helmet shields, promoting company and department pride for firefighters in Kansas City and abroad. 

Basically, there are three types of shields we produce. ______________________________________________________ THE DARKC KNIGHT


The DarKC Knight is an all-black, hand-crafted leather shield. Typically, they are “flared-out” on the sides, creating the more traditional old-school look, but the all-black dyed shield is unique to most. These are available by order for $160-$215 plus shipping and handling. ____________________________________________________





The Kansas City Traditional Front is a hand-crafted leather shield that includes colors in its design. These can be “flared-out” (as shown in the photo) or a standard cut, and the shield itself can be dyed either black, white, or brown. These are available for $175-$250 plus shipping and handling.


__________________________________________________ The Custom Hand-Tooled Shield



The Custom Hand-Tooled Shield is just what its name suggests- a thick shield with custom design, hand-tooled art, and sometimes additional stamping. They can be dyed brown or all-black, and painted if the design is conducive to color. Prices range from $195-$350 depending on the complexity of the design.

_______________________________________________________ SEND IN YOUR ORDER OR SEND ANY QUESTIONS TO: redhouseshields@gmail.com.

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  1. The Shields look awesome. Nice work. I will be ordering “the standard company shield” soon. Stay Safe.

    Sugar Creek Twp. FD
    New Palestine, IN

    • Mr. Lowe,

      I can punch holes for and N5A, but I usually leave the holes unpunched when mailing the shield out of Kansas City. I don’t punch any holes unless I have the helmet in hand, since they sometimes vary in measurement, even on the same models. If you live in Kansas City I can meet up with you and mount it for you, and if you live out of KC I can give a few tips on how to mount it.

      That being said, all of my helmet shields will fit on any Cairns fire helmet, and most other helmets used in the fire service in our day.


      Bryan Purtle

  2. Couple of questions: (1) What different types of lettering are available for the top and bottom banners? (2) Will Hook & Ladder fit on bottom banner?

    • There are 4 or 5 different stamp fonts I usually use in the banners. You can see them by scrolling through the galleries. HOOK & LADDER may fit if I use the smallest stamps, like you see on the hand-tooled hurst tool shield that says ENGINE 8 RESCUE at the top. Let me know if you have any more q’s.


  3. Brian,

    Just saw your site for the first time and it looks great. Hope all is going well with your new endeavors. Stop by and see us at 6’s sometime when you get a chance. Take care!

  4. Looking to get a helmet shield similar to the guys on the “Pink Heals” cancer tour. How much are they and how long would it take to deliver one to Illinois? I’m buggin out on Sept 23rd.

    • The Pink Heals shield is $105, but unfortunately we couldn’t have it done for you by then. We’re currently backed up several months with orders. Let us know if you’d like one in the future. Thanks!

  5. Hey Bryan,

    I was wondering if you back up right now and if so how far out are you? I sent you an email around a week ago with no reply, so I waiting to find out before I order. I’m also wonder how to order. I know I send you an email telling what I want, then I’m guessing you tell me how much and an email to send via paypal.

    Ill be waiting for a reply so that I can order.

    Jesse McClain

  6. Good luck with your future endeavors, only wish my name had been closer to the top of the list. I understand other things in life taking precedence and wish you luck.

    Jack White

  7. Is there ANY chance that I could possibly get you to make one more patch before you go out of business? These are the most incredible shields I have ever seen, honestly. Mr. Purtle I will beg…

  8. Sorry to hear your shutting down, You do amazing work. My cousin got a shield through you over the summer and love’s it. I really wanted one from you. Good luck in whatever you do brother. If you have any of the all black with the white 11 on it laying around, Please let me know. Take Care.

  9. I found your site to late, I see that you’re shutting down. Do you recommend another custom leather front company that makes the same style and level of quality that you did?

  10. Well I guess I shouldn’t have waited. Finally get hired full time to a department and decided I would submit my purchase. When Bam! I see you guys are closing, why? You guys make the most radical looking shields out there and I was dying to put one on my new tl2 phenix that I got. Phenix helmets turned 40 and they had a national contest and my department won. Man really disappointed. Hope the best to all you.

    • Fir those of you still wanting shields, I can make them and do not mind doing so now that Redhouse is announcing they are out of business. I am leaving for Colorado in the next day or two and will not return until the 29th or 30th. You can contact me at robert@memphistristate.com

      • Brian – call me if you don’t mind. I had your number, but my phone got run over.

        Robert in Memphis (901) 494-9437

  11. Hey I’ve recently started making leather shields for my department but I can not comeclose to your quality of shields, if you would email me back and maybe we could talk about making shields, maybe u could give me some hints or something, thank you very much for reading this, god bless

  12. Do u want to sell any of your dyes or equipment used making the shields. I am in Georgia and also make custom shields . Please let me know thanks

    • Cesar, you can take a look at our “Styles & Prices” page for details on
      how much each design will cost. It looks like shipping out from here to Peru will
      cost something between $50 and $70. Thanks so much! If you have any questions, you can
      email us at redhouseshields@gmail.com

      Best Regards,

      Moyenna Purtle
      Administrative Assistant for RHS

  13. Hi Bryan,
    I saw you emailed someone in November about sending a shield to Peru. I was wondering if your back in business. Could you please let me know. Thank you.


  14. Was wondering when u were taking orders again. Got a front id like to get my dad for his retirement later this year.


  15. What is the current turnaround time for new customers? Took some time off from a volunteer dept, moved, and am getting voted on another department next week.


  16. Glad to see your back in business! I’m sure you are very back logged, but do you have an idea when you might be taking new orders? Also for a custom tooled front that may need some dialog between us what is the best way to get that started while securing a spot on the list once open? Thanks

  17. Wanting more information on ordering a shield. Is your email still the best way to communicate ? I also follow your page on Facebook. Thanks for your time.

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