Red House Helmet Shields is the home of the “DarKC Knight,” along with other traditional hand-crafted leather shields.

It was founded by firefighter Bryan Purtle in the spring of 2010 at Fire Station 6 of the Kansas City Fire Department, the home of 6 Pumper and 12 Truck. Red House Shields is committed to producing quality traditional-style leather helmet shields, promoting company and department pride for firefighters in Kansas City and abroad. 

Basically, there are three types of shields we produce. ______________________________________________________ THE DARKC KNIGHT


The DarKC Knight is an all-black, hand-crafted leather shield. Typically, they are “flared-out” on the sides, creating the more traditional old-school look, but the all-black dyed shield is unique to most. These are available by order for $160-$215 plus shipping and handling. ____________________________________________________ THE KANSAS CITY TRADITIONAL FRONT



The Kansas City Traditional Front is a hand-crafted leather shield that includes colors in its design. These can be “flared-out” (as shown in the photo) or a standard cut, and the shield itself can be dyed either black, white, or brown. These are available for $175-$250 plus shipping and handling. __________________________________________________ The Custom Hand-Tooled Shield



The Custom Hand-Tooled Shield is just what its name suggests- a thick shield with custom design, hand-tooled art, and sometimes additional stamping. They can be dyed brown or all-black, and painted if the design is conducive to color. Prices range from $195-$400 depending on the complexity of the design.

_______________________________________________________ SEND IN YOUR ORDER OR SEND ANY QUESTIONS TO: redhouseshields@gmail.com.